When this stumbled on fruition, Harley and you may Ivy believed that Catwoman’s reference to Batman was the latest catalyst towards crack-up

When this stumbled on fruition, Harley and you may Ivy believed that Catwoman’s reference to Batman was the latest catalyst towards crack-up

New Gotham Sirens or Gotham Females are a group of women villains consisting of Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and you can Catwoman. He’s did together so you can to go crimes but over the years, the group partially age alot more possessed because of the their unique reasons:

  • Harley Quinn turned into significantly more preoccupied of the Joker along with his systems and therefore Catwoman and you will Poison Ivy firmly hated.
  • Catwoman sided that have Batman more and more tend to and that produced this lady untrustworthy to help you Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.
  • Poison Ivy turned so much more preoccupied on the passions away from the girl flowers in the place of individuals thus she even more distanced by herself away from Harley Quinn and you will Catwoman.

Arkham Asylum Experience

Within the Joker’s takeover from Arkham Island, Harley Quinn met Poison Ivy in her own cellphone on the Penitentiary. Ivy begged Harley are let 100 % free, given that she considered her “babies” was basically at risk. Harley featured hesitant, as Ivy was not towards the Joker’s cluster checklist, however, offered for the using their friendship. Ivy was place free making this lady way to the brand new Organic Landscapes. Harley try after ward outdone by the Batman and locked out. Ivy are contaminated because of the TITAN, and therefore caused the woman flowers so you can wreck Arkham Isle. Very little later, yet not, she are defeated by Batman, too, and you will sent back so you can this lady cell. Catwoman was not present on area, presumably which have escaped before the Joker’s come back to the new area.

Before Arkham Urban area

Adopting the Arkham Asylum incident, Harley Quinn’s focus was strictly on managing the new Joker so she had no contact with the girl other Sirens with this experience. She and her “Puddin'” escaped their tissue and you may took a boat and you can wound-up, on the wonder, inside Arkham Town. They produced the latest Metal Mill its hide-out and you may acted aside their systems from there.

Shortly after thriving the consequences from TITAN, an annoyed Warden Sharp sent Poison Ivy to help you Arkham Urban area. Catwoman, not, rescued the girl on TYGER shields and you can decrease Ivy out of during the Gotham Park. Catwoman mentioned that she would liquid Poison Ivy’s vegetation, and therefore she up coming don’t do. Shortly after, Ivy is apprehended because of the Batman and you will sent to new Arkham Urban area mega-jail.

Catwoman after decided to go to Sharp’s work environment in the asylum for taking Two-Face’s pictures of blueprints off Arkham Town. When TYGER guards bust towards colombian cupid the area, Catwoman try taken to security by Batman. But not, when she noticed new credit from A couple of-Face’s digital camera are destroyed, she frowned and you may spotted because Two-Face swallowed the fresh card. Furiously, Catwoman sprang off and you may kicked A few-Face on the floors, in advance of are surrounded by TYGER guards. She ended up being brought to Arkham Urban area.

Arkham Town Experience

Within the occurrences out-of Arkham Area, Harley remained split on the most other Sirens since she are also hectic handling the newest terminally unwell Joker.

Meanwhile, Catwoman made a decision to call in Ivy’s let whenever she requisite an excellent treatment for enter the Confiscated Services and products Container having good “woman’s touch”. Through to conference this lady, an enthusiastic angered Ivy tied Catwoman right up in her flowers, tempted to destroy the woman getting maybe not caring for Ivy’s herbs. Whenever she informed me so it so you can Catwoman, in the event, aforementioned suggested to get Ivy the woman plant if she you will let the lady towards the container. Ivy unwillingly decided and you may helped Catwoman towards the container.

Inside the vault, Catwoman met Ivy’s bush, no matter if, she slain it, while the payback to own Ivy attaching her right up inside her plant life. Whenever she returned to communicate with Ivy, she charged the fresh death of new bush toward Unusual.

After Arkham Urban area Incident

Shortly after retrieving her taken goods of Several-Deal with, Catwoman presumably fled the new super-prison without being trapped. What happened so you’re able to Ivy is actually unfamiliar, regardless of if she more than likely fled child custody as well. Harley escaped custody and you will gone back to the Steel Factory, plotting their payback up against Batman having purportedly killing the newest Joker.

Later, Harley Quinn bankrupt Poison Ivy from Bludhaven, maybe voluntarily because the a few Sirens remained family members. Right here, she try ambushed by Nightwing exactly who Harley fought and you may is actually removed down because of the Poison Ivy’s plants.

Arkham Knight Experience

Whenever Scarecrow returned to Gotham Town that have an intend to ruin new Batman, the guy hired some of the Black Knight’s really hazardous villains, also Harley. Ivy refuted, with decided one to she would today forever length by herself out of humanity. Which angered Scarecrow and you may provided the girl as locked-up into the a secure family regarding the Chinatown district regarding Gotham, in which Batman conserved the woman. Then he lead their so you can GCPD Lockup. He later on required her assist in clearing Gotham out of Scarecrow’s Concern Toxin. She assisted your willingly and you will successfully saved Gotham, albeit with the price of her very own existence.

Harley at the same time assaulted a beneficial quarantine region Batman and you will Robin got place doing just be sure to clean out the latest “Joker Problem” who’s influenced 5 anybody, because of her or him not receiving bloodstream transfusions to get Joker’s bloodstream out of her or him. When you are Harley were able to override Batman’s cover and totally free the “Joker clones”, she and the clones was in fact fundamentally cic Duo, Harley being locked up within the quarantine muscle.

Catwoman wasn’t mixed up in night of events, just like the she is inside Pinkney Orphanage, getting held captive because of the Riddler. She dressed in a different sort of necklace, which required 9 secrets to discover and you may would produce the lady lead in order to burst in the event the she chose the completely wrong trick. She was ultimately saved of the Batman and you will assisted your in the getting on the Riddler, before heading from into the evening.

After Arkham Knight Experience

Into lay where Ivy missing her existence, a rose become growing – a small memorial for what she performed getting Gotham.