Negan up coming escapes while the Aaron was abruptly assaulted from the walkers

Negan up coming escapes while the Aaron was abruptly assaulted from the walkers

To the a good cabin, Negan patiently hides and delays given that a great blind Aaron aims shelter in to the looking your. Whenever Aaron grounds noises, walkers violent storm from inside the. Negan instantaneously conserves Aaron into the crowbar and you can says to your the latest plants growing out of the walkers are called hogweed and can trigger loss of sight. The guy hand your water and informs him they will log off on the early morning. During the beginning, Negan keeps watch by the a screen whenever Aaron says to him he can also be in the end discover. They then head back so you’re able to Alexandria.

“Quiet the new Whisperers”

Negan is doing tasks within society whenever Lydia visits your to tell your their suggestions to disregard the girl bullies is not doing work and additionally they continue harassing this lady. In advance of capable continue speaking, Daryl appear and you can purchases their to depart. “She’s simply trying easily fit in,” Negan states. Daryl tells your that won’t occurs with your becoming to the lady and you may leaves.

Later on one nights, Negan hears as the Lydia is being assaulted of the Gage, Margo and you may free dating New York Alfred and you can pertains to the girl save your self. The guy puts Margo into a wall structure, and you can protects Lydia. Scared, Gage says they were only looking to scare the girl. Brandon will come in addition they realize Margo are lifeless. Negan is then kept alarmed more than so it. In the event the other residents arrive at the scene, Daryl commands Negan as put into their cell immediately.

A short while later, Negan was went to in his cell by the Daryl. The guy says to Negan people require your deceased, but Negan claims it was a major accident and Margo try an enthusiastic asshole anyway to possess overcoming for the children. Daryl asks as to why he aided Lydia and you may Negan states the guy believes within life style. Daryl pledges he’s going to score a chance to tell his side and you can makes. not, Negan try in some way put out regarding his cellphone by the some body throughout the middle of your evening and escapes the community taking on the new woods.

“What it Constantly Is actually”

Negan rinses his face during the a river when Brandon happens and you can pretends to hang a blade in order to him. The guy suggests he could be joking and you can throws your a great canteen. Negan beverages from it following flashes a smile. Later you to big date, Negan was and come up with a spear and you may becomes upset from the Brandon when he attempts to copy this new Saviors’ whistling. As they walk-around the new woods, Brandon initiate fantasizing regarding Sanctuary and you may reveals he is angry you to Rick Grimes murdered their mothers. Then he states the guy heard you to Negan test Carl. Negan will get aggravated and you may corrects him, appearing admiration to Carl, and you can claiming however never eliminate a kid. “We have been each other Negan”, Brandon claims relatively facts him.

It keep the excursion and get a Whisperer edging. In advance of they are able to investigate, a good walker periods Negan. He uses new wire doing their neck to help you split the head out-of and you can stomps their head. The guy sarcastically thank you Brandon, which reveals he had been and come up with him several other Lucille and he got in addition to sneaked his leather-jacket in the community. Negan grins but requires your to place it all back in the latest bag due to the fact he doesn’t want getting recognized.

While looking for protection, Brandon requires Negan so you’re able to rate females walkers into hotness whenever quickly it listen to shouts from the inside a coach. Negan runs to the and you will stabs numerous walkers to store a lady and her child. Brandon comes and you will goes with Negan to your their raw walker killings, comparing him in order to his old thinking. Afterwards, Amelia offers the lady story having Negan and Brandon. She up coming requires her son Milo having a stroll because Brandon indicates it rob him or her. Negan ends him and you may purchases your to return to Alexandria. Brandon states the guy cannot get back, very Negan tells your commit no matter where the fresh hell he desires, for as long as he doesn’t discover his scary deal with once again. “You will be identical to most of the anyone else,” Brandon says before you leave.