Love said to me, this is where I really want you: Always towards line, be silent

Love said to me, this is where I really want you: Always towards line, be silent

We told you, excite show which for me I’m passing away in expectation. Your dwell within hall regarding images and you will illusions, get-off it home today and become silent.

I told you, O Love, let me know it: Do the lord know you are treating me personally in that way? Love thought to me personally, sure it can, just be completely… completely… quiet.

The brand new spouse wyszukiwanie benaughty are previously intoxicated having like. She actually is totally free, he or she is upset, She sings which have joy As he dances into the ecstasy.

Caught of the our own viewpoint, I value everything. Nevertheless when you get intoxicated on that like. Any was, might possibly be…

Lover me personally, cavern me, new nice shed out-of Like me personally

Your say, We make you feel dizzy. Out-of a small horror following, so why do you proper care? You state, I’m your own moonlight-encountered charm. Of the time periods of one’s moon and you will passing of recent years, how come you care? Your state, I’m your own source of appeal, We please your. Off to try out to your Devils give, exactly why do you care?

Take a look at yourself, everything are particularly. You’re today an area out-of sugar canes, why show that bad face in my opinion? You declare that We help keep you warm in to the. Next as to why this cooler sound? You have visited the fresh rooftop from sky. Associated with world of dirt, exactly why do your proper care?

The arms was heavier that have gifts of the many kinds. You are Joseph, beautiful, solid, steadfast on your belief, every one of Egypt was intoxicated because of you.

You have seen their energy. You have seen your beauty. You’ve seen your golden wings. Off things less, exactly why do your care and attention? You’re in facts the fresh new spirit, of your heart, of your soul. Oh the new sultan out-of sultans, of every almost every other queen, so why do your care?

Getting silent, eg a fish, and enter one to pleasant sea. You’re in strong seas now, regarding life’s glaring fire. How come you care and attention?

Partner your, cavern your, Shams include me. Noah your, soul you, conqueror and beaten you the awakened cardiovascular system you. Why keep me personally at this entrance of your miracle?

White your, affair your, the latest successful property you the bird off Attach Sinai you. You hold myself on your tired beak. Shed you, water you, mercy and you will frustration your, glucose you, poison you. Do not consistently hurt me personally.

The newest orb of your Sunshine your, our house away from Venus you, the brand new sliver regarding guarantee your. Open up ways for me personally. Time you, night your, fast and also the crumbs off good beggar your, liquids and you can an excellent pitcher you. Quench my thirst, Precious.

You’re cover, the brand new protection of your spirit of People

Otherwise work at my body too hard, otherwise slash my personal a lot of, if you attempt to simply help in the place of create living way more difficult. Oh, each one of these terminology from exploit.

I’m gone, lost one feeling of selecting your wine of your nowhereness inquire myself, I don’t know in which I’m.

In certain cases We diving on base of the sea, sometimes, rise up such as the Sunshine. On occasion, the latest universe are expecting because of the me personally, from time to time We offer birth so you’re able to they. The new milestone during my life is this new nowhereness, I really don’t match somewhere else.

It is me: good rogue and you can a great drunkard, easy to destination on the tavern out of Lovers. I’m the one yelling hi ha. They ask me personally as to why I don’t behave me personally. We state, once you show the correct characteristics, i quickly tend to operate my personal years.