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The crucial point in marketing your digital product is improving on its visibility across the web. Whether you’ve built a buyer persona for your defined target customers, or strategically promoted your business on popular social media platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and similar, you will always implement a conveniently placed URL that leads to your store and the product itself. This is how interested customers gain access to what they want to buy, and when they get there, it is critical to encourage them that they’ve really made the right choice.

People can be fickle when it comes to spending money because everyone wants to gain the best while spending as little as possible. This is common knowledge on why commerce is actually so competitive. Digital Marketing Case Studies have narrowed the issue down to one point: customers are attracted the most to ease of access. If you make them jump through too many purchase hoops, they’ll be discouraged towards your product – regardless of how much they need it. As we already know, the competition is stiff and those who are able to provide easier access for their customer base will surely have more success.

One of the ways to make the purchase more appealing is offering a discount. Depending on your situation, reasons for discount can vary:

  • promoting a new product and attracting bigger customer base
  • promoting a subscription by discounting its purchase for a longer period
  • motivating existing clients by discounting necessary addons

And so on. This can be a fantastic business strategy if implemented at the right time.

(Un)ease of access

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of a customer, so to speak. We’ve found an attractive product that fits our needs, whether it’s marketed on a social media platform, via an ad, or even on the very website of the creator of digital product. Its description is easy to understand, it may even be on a discount or offering a convenient deal for longer subscription, it even offers a promo code. We want to buy!

But when we click on the provided link, we’ll be sent to an unconvenient page that repeats the same thing we’ve already learned and adds more text to consider, and perhaps our desired product needs to be found among others. Then we’re required to add the product to cart, to enter the promo code, then again sent to the checkout… Frankly, it’s a time-waster. And the more time is given to people after they make a decision, the more they are encouraged to doubt their decision, or even change their mind. This is especially important when the said decision includes spending money. It may be a bit blunt point of view, but that doesn’t make it less true. Fast paced rhythm of life that we lead today can be conditional to an extreme.

There is a chance that you’ve actually been in this situation, and at some point during the purchase – gave up. Perhaps you’ve thought of some other convenient product, or you were simply in a hurry, you were in the middle of work and distracted… You cannot possibly comprehend the circumstances of every single potential client, but you can certainly make it easier for them to hold on to their (right) decision.

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Automating the Purchase

Easy Digital Downloads is among the most convenient digital sales platforms that exist nowadays and arguably one of the best. That is why EDD Toolbox is dedicated to improving its usability with several great plugins specifically designed to help digital sales.

In lieu of ease of access, we are provided with EDD Toolbox – Auto Add To Cart. Its main purpose is to automate the purchase process by skipping all tedious points a customer must go through in order to actually buy the product.

If you have a digital product, there is always a link that leads to it. In EDD Toolbox menu of your Dashboard you can find Auto Add To Cart plugin after installing it, and this is where you will be able to add your product’s link, as well as review and edit all the products you’ve already added.

Once you click on the Add New button, a new page will open: Create New Auto Add To Cart Link. Here you can customize the access to your digital product at your leisure.

  1. You are free to create a custom URL which can be used anywhere you decide to market. This URL will be unique only to you as the product creator. It cannot be visible in the product page or in the purchase link, and thus cannot be exploited.
  2. You can choose only a single product, a bundle, or several different products with their corresponding prices; the plugin has access to your product database and the dropdown menu will list them all for you to choose. Likewise, if you wish to remove the product from this concept, you can do so by clicking Delete. This action, of course, will not delete the product itself from your database.
  3. Here you can also apply your promo code and spare your customers from having to write it down, memorize it or search for it, and finally enter it manually. It also makes things much easier for you, because the plugin knows when your promotional period expires and it will remove the promo code when the time comes.
  4. You have the opportunity to further simplify the purchase by checking the box for Redirect to checkout. The client will be redirected to the checkout page after clicking your URL. This can be very convenient if, for example, your product is being promoted in detail via a video presentation or a blog, and you are fairly certain that your customers know exactly what they’re buying. Either way, being immediately redirected to checkout will be a time saver as well as encouragement.

With EDD Toolbox – Auto Add To Cart you can further enhance accessibility of your product(s) and motivate your customer base. Meanwhile, you are able to review every product or bundle you’ve enhanced on the plugin page, and implement any changes you deem appropriate, at any time.

By clicking on your unique URL, the client will be graced by a quick and easy purchase, which they will certainly appreciate as a time saver as well as encouragement that they’ve made the right decision. In turn, your business plans regarding the growth of your user base and your revenue will be far more likely to come to fruition.

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