Discount Bundle – All Access Pass

With the purchase of Plugins Bundle you get an All Access Pass to all the plugins that we are currently offering at a discounted price. You can cherry pick from our offer, of course. But the bundle is your best bet.

All Future Plugins Access

We are constantly creating new plugins that when released will automatically be made a part of this bundle. That means if you have an active license, you get instant access to all of them.

Single Purchase

With this Plugins Bundle you pay only once per year. Just once. When a new plugin is released, you simply go to your account > All Access Pass, download whatever plugins you’d like. Install on your site. It’s that simple. There’s no need to purchase plugins separately.

Single License Key

One license key to rule them all. There’s no longer any need to keep track of a number of license keys and double check which one to use on which plugin. Enter the license key for the bundle in the provided field and you’re done.

Single Yearly Subscription

As if single purchase, single license key were not enough, Plugins Bundle also comes with a subscription system. Upon purchasing the bundle you’ll get a subscription that’ll renew automatically each year. One less thing to worry about. Of course, it should go without saying that if you wish to cancel the automatic renewal, you’re completely free to do so. It’s your choice and you’re in total control.

Technical Support, Upgrades, Updates and Downloads

Bundles are subject to the same license agreements and policies as the plugins. You’ll be able to use automatic upgrades and have access to Technical Support for a number of websites depending on your purchased bundle option. You can rest assured that with the purchase of the bundle we’ve got you covered and will provide full technical support for as long as your license is active. Per request we can add another domain name so you can set up a staging site for testing purposes.

To Bundle or not to Bundle

Buying EDDToolbox Plugins Separately works great if you just want to mix and match a few features. But when you want a full-blown powerhouse for your site that’s like a cake with icing… with sprinkles… and a cherry on top of all that, the bundle is a much better deal.

What’s Included?

Pricing Options