DRM File Tagging

Protect Your Intellectual Property With DRM File Tagging

As a seller of digital products, it is only understandable that you’re proud of your creations and doing everything you can to market and sell them according to their intended purpose. The nature of your product can vastly vary, but its value will always be indisputable because it’s your personal creation.

Unfortunately, where there are digital products, there are illegal activities on the web. The more popular your product is, the higher is the possibility that it will be pirated.
EDD Toolbox – DRM File Tagging is coming to the rescue with unique tagging system so you, as an owner of the product can always see who shared your files illegally.

Due the functionality of this plugin being intended to keep hackers and pirates at bay (pun intended) we can’t share it’s features and functionality to the public eye, but don’t hesitate to contact us, show us what is the product you want to protect online and we will be more than happy to demonstrate DRM File Tagging functionality to you.