Conditional Pricing

Requires free version of Easy Digital Downloads plugin

Conditional Pricing plugin allows you to set different pricing options for your Easy Digital Downloads products

Currently supported options are

  • Geolocation Based Pricing – Set special pricing based on the country of origin of your clients. You also have an option to Force payment information to match the pricing option meaning people from Poland must use a Polish form of payment in order for it to go through.
  • Time Based Pricing – Create special pricing based on the time of day. With this option you can have a variety of pricing depending on the hours of the day.
  • Day Based Pricing – Create special pricing based on a day of the week. You can have best pricing for the best performing days.
  • Referrer Based Pricing – You can have special deals with your affiliates, ad platforms or other. You can have special pricing based on where your clients are coming from. For example, $100 for someone who came through and $90 for someone who came from one of your affiliates etc.


Pricing options